Saturday, 28 May 2011

Oxford Teacher's Day for Language Schools - Technology Session

Digital Solutions

Exploring digital options for teaching from Oxford

Technology in the Classroom
Classroom Presentations and Lesson Activities
ITools / iPack / Website
iTools and iPack are materials designed for use on the interactive whiteboard, the data projector or a computer screen. It used material from the book  so you can display the pictures from the book, display grammar presentations, go through exercises or use the tapescripts plus much more.  It saves planning time for the teacher as it is ready made material and saves classroom time too.
The Oxford University Press Websites has lots of interactive activities and games, these could be used in the classroom with small groups around a computer or be set as homework or suggested as self-study.
Homework and Self Study tools.
Online Skills Practice – this is extra skills practice for students to do at home. They receive a code oin the books (New English File, some Exams titles) and can either work through the tasks on their own or give the code to the teacher who will assign work as homework through the free Oxford Learner Management System.. Easy to use, instant voice recorder for speaking practice plus much more.
A digital component of the course book, iTutor has digitalised content from the course book plus new interactive activities and grammar presentations. Ideal for blended learning solutions or to allow students to  work at their own pace to revie and review what has happened in class.
More information available soon. 
A digitial writing aid that comes with the OALD multi-rom. iWriter allows students to explore sample texts and then helps to guide students through a writing assignment, giving hints on planning, structure and editing.

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