Friday, 14 October 2011

Listen Carefully

Use pictures to introduce main characters

Ask students questions about the characters, how they feel, are they good or bad, what noise they make?

Use pictures and ask students to predict the story

Use words and phrases from the story and ask students to predict the story.

During Listening

Ask students to make noises or do actions connected with the character.

Stop regularly and ask students questions about what they have heard.

Allow students to stop you and ask you questions.

Play bingo or grab games to encourage students to listen for key words.

Have students listen with their eyes closed. when you stop ask them  to draw what they heard.

Read the story with mistakes, ask the students to correct the mistakes.

After Listening

Have students create one scene from the listening – a photograph.

Have students make a poster from the point of view of one of the minor characters.

Use text speech or Facebook statuses to review the story.

Ask students to bring story up to date – Cyberella  William Twitter etc.

Ask students to recreate the video by acting it.
Watch out on the blog for a glossary of text speak.

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