Sunday, 7 October 2012

Exam Smiles

Finding links 
Put 5 random pictures on the board ask students to find links between the pictures.
Put words and 2 pictures on the board ask students to think which words match 1 picture match both pictures or match neither picture.
Put a list of words on the board and ask students to put them into categories.
 Put a list of words on the board, ask students to choose 1, then find a link to a second one. Then they take the second one and find a link to a third one, then they try to link the third to a fourth and so on until they have all the words. (Each time a different word, they can't go back.)

Do a part 2 type exam task but with a twist. Ask students to look at picture 1 for 30 seconds, then replace it with picture 2. Ask them to compare and contrast the pictures. 
Do a part 3 type exam task. Show all 5 pictures for about a minute then take away the pictures and ask students to the task without looking at the pictures.
 At the end of a lesson ask students to remember all the pictures used in a lesson.

Alphabet game. Ask the students to come up with 5 items that begin with the same letter. Verb, adjective, girl’s name, place and sport. Ask them to write a sentence using the grammar structure you are working on.

Manipulating texts. 
Reuse a text by asking students to make a gapfill exercise for other groups in the class.
Reuse a text by putting it on the board and asking students to take words out but the text should still make sense. (Roughly the saem sense.)

Using Questions Tell students you are going to do a listening or reading but you are not going to tell the students what it is about. Ask them to read the questions and get them to tell you what they know about the text just by reading the questions. Then ask them to answer the questions before looking at or hearing the text. This is a great way to encourage students to see how reading the questions gives them som much information.

Writing One word at a time... as students to work in group, give them a piece of paper, tell them they are going to write a story or letter one word at a time. Ask person 1 in the group to write the first word, then pass the paper to the second person who writes the next word then to the 3rd person and so on. 

140 Characters. That is the length of a tweet or a text message. Ask the students to write a answer to an exam question using only 140 characters, letters, punctuation, spaces. When they have done ask them to give their text to a different students who writes a reply also in 140 characters. Getting Feedback Ask students to read out the answers in the manner of the adverbs on the board.

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