Thursday, 6 December 2012

Santa Claus

Santa Claus is coming to town Christmas in different languages. • Nadolig • Crăciun • Božić • Natal • Karácsony • Jul • Kerstmis And the languages are… • Welsh • Romanian • Serbian • Portuguese • Hungarian • Norwegian • Dutch It is fun to do this with different topics that you are studying in class. Christmas Questions. When I start teaching a class I quite often put answers about me on the board and ask students to work out the questions. This is the same but with Chistmas. Of course you could do the different culture thing about anything, birthdays, special holidays, school systems etc. Some of the answers Romanian • What __________________________? A whole pig • When __________________________? 25th December • Who ___________________________? Mos Craciun • Where _________________________? Under the tree • Three weeks before Christmas Romanians slaughter a pig, they then use all of the pig to make delicacies for the Christmas feast, including fried skin called Shorlic. Portuguese • What __________________________? Cod • When __________________________? 25th December • Who ___________________________? Baby Jesus • Where _________________________? In a shoe • During a Christmas feast in Portugal some families have an extra place reserved at the table for dead family members. But this tradition is slowly dying out. British • What __________________________? Turkey • When __________________________? 25th December • Who ___________________________? Father Christmas • Where _________________________? In a stocking • What • In Britain People put money in the Christmas pudding, it is thought to be lucky to find the coin. But not if it breaks your teeth or you swallow it. Zombie • What __________________________? Brains • When __________________________? at Easter • Who ___________________________? Zombie Father Christmas • Where _________________________? under a weeping willow • What? Zombies celebrate the rebirth – the coming back to life, so their Christmas is at Easter time. Serbian • What __________________________? Pork • When __________________________? 1st January • Who ___________________________? Deda Mraz • Where _________________________? Under the tree • In Serbia the first male person to visit someone’s house on Christmas day is called the ‘polaznik.’ That person is meant to bring good luck and is given lots of food and wine. Vampire • What __________________________? Blood • When __________________________? 24th December • Who ___________________________? Santa Drac • Where _________________________? Christmas stocking • What _________________________ ? Santa Drac has a sleigh pulled by tiny bats. To enter the houses he turns into a bat and swoops down the chimney. Using Songs Matching Collocations Students try to match words that go together first and then list to see if they were right. • ho ho ho • reindeers • red • white • long • laugh • suit • cap • sleigh • nose • beard Flashcards Students listen and hold up their flashcards when they hear the words on it. Singing in Rounds put them in 4 groups group one starts singing when they reach way group 2 join in at the beginning when they reach way group 3 start singing . etc. Singing in rounds is a traditional way to sing. London’s burning is the classic rounds song. It is fun in the classroom and creates a friendly competitive outcome. True or False Questions Correct the Words. These ideas can be used ofr any suitable song. An idea is for life not just for Chirstmas. A little song to the tune of heads shoulders knees and toes for the little ones. • Cap, beard, belt and gloves (belt and gloves) • Cap, beard, belt and gloves (belt and gloves) • Look at Santa in his suit • Cap, beard, belt and gloves (belt and gloves) If you like this then check out this website. Santa hats. Guess the Santa, Who has been good enough to deserve a visit? What presents would you give them? The songs used in this were Must be Santa Bob Dylan Tommy Steele Santa Claus is coming to town Bruce Springsteen / Frank Sinatra etc.

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