Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Speaking Samples

I've been running a teacher training session around the Czech Republic called B1 or not B1.
In it we listened to the 2 of the 3 recordings on this page and discussed if they were CEFR A2 B1 or B2 based on a truncated version of the CEFR descriptors found here.

Please could you listen to the records and comment on them in the comments below saying what you think the level of the student is?
Thank you
Boy 1
Facebook boy1 by @reasons4

Girl 1
Facebook girl1 by @reasons4

Boy 2
Facebook boy2 by @reasons4


  1. Boy 1 would be B1
    Girl 1 would be A2
    Couldn't hear boy 2

  2. Boy 3 should be working but thanks for your thoughts :-) , in few weeks I'll reveal what the Czech teachers thought.

  3. My friend Nina in Spain says
    Boy 1 - I'd say very strong A2 or B1 (good understanding; confident; fluency; FCE level)
    Girl 1 - A2 (hesitant, insecure, limited answers but not 'elementary' level)
    Boy 2 - A2 (confident but quite strong accent; some advanced ideas but struggles to defend them)
    Interesting :-)

  4. These are the comments from my friend Darren who teaches in Poland.
    [15:08:45] Darren Clarke: Boy 1 seems a strong B1 - good FCE possible??.
    Girl 1 is about A2
    Boy 2 was also about A2

  5. Hi Gareth,

    I agree with Nina (and Darren). The best of the three is undoubtedly Boy 1, who demonstrated confidence and was quite fluent. He made a few errors, which didn't lead to misunderstanding. Girl 1 and Boy 2 were about the same level, although Boy 2 appeared more confident.

  6. Having worked in the Czech Republic for a while, these sound very like a lot of my students :)
    I would say Boy 1 should be in a B2 class - he has some features of B2, and definitely has everything you need for B1. He could go for FCE.
    Both Girl 1 and Boy 2 are at B1, though Boy 2 is more confident.

  7. Another of my friends contacted me to say she thought
    Boy one Strong B1
    Girl A2 lacks confidence
    Boy two A2 but more confident.

    Thank you to all who have taken time to comment.

  8. Another comment on my facebook page this time from Keith in Oxford who said Boy 1 B1 the other two A2.

  9. Boy 1 is B1, leaning towards B2

    Girl 1 A2

    Boy 2 is A2